This Is Me!

I am a registered pharmacist, certified personal trainer and online coach. I live and breathe all things health & fitness, and I am a huge advocate of flexible dieting and weight training!


My Past

I was a massive nerd at school and always excelled academically. This combined with my passion to help other lead me to further my studies at University where I completed a Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science and a Master of Pharmacy in my quest to become a pharmacist. I ended up graduating at the top of my class!

Unfortunately, full-time study and part-time work was not a good combination and I found my health started to suffer as a result. When I completed my studies I was desperate to make a change and start feeling good again so my little brother introduced me to the gym and weight training. I was hooked after the first session! What began as an interest quickly became a complete lifestyle change and desire for self-improvement. Noticing changes in my body and feeling the benefits of increased energy and self-confidence were my main motivators to keep pushing!

After a couple of years of training I decided to compete in my first fitness competition, a process that was extremely challenging yet so rewarding. Competing and the dedication and determination it required only fuelled my desire to become more involved in the health and fitness industry and as a result, I decided to further my studies to become a personal trainer! I developed a keen interest in nutrition and through trialling almost every diet out there myself, I found a method that was flexible, sustainable, healthy, AND which provided the results I wanted, which I used to prepare myself for my last fitness competition.


My Struggles

Unfortunately, all of this wasn’t easy. I have suffered from a lot of health issues in my life – from glandular fever to thyroid disease to rheumatoid arthritis, you name it! Although this caused a lot of struggles – both physically and mentally – this has all helped me to become stronger! Being a chronic pain sufferer allows me to relate and be more compassionate to others who also suffer from pain and other health conditions. It has also made me more equipped to help people work around their pain and any issues associated with it.

Although my pain has affected my ability to compete in further fitness competitions – it has allowed me to focus 100% on helping my clients reach their goals!

My Mission

My main goal is to initiate positive change in the lives of others through ALL aspects of health, fitness and wellness, no matter what their starting point. My ultimate objective as a trainer and coach is helping my clients reach their body composition goals through evidence based nutrition and training methods. I am a huge advocate of flexible dieting and educating my clients on healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes has allowed them to achieve incredible results and has empowered them to take charge of how they fuel their bodies! Eliminating restriction has helped people merge their nutrition seamlessly with their schedules and lifestyles!

Another focus of mine is improving body image and self-confidence – something I have suffered with myself. Helping women to learn to love what they have while working for what they want is extremely important to me. I want to create a community of women who support each other and lift each other up so we can all get stronger together! I also want to give hope to people who suffer from chronic pain and empower them to keep pushing and to never give up! When there is a will, there is always a way.

I would love for you to join my community of STRONG women!

Holly Louise