8 Week Macro Coaching


  • Fortnightly check ins and adjustments
  • FREE Guide to Flexible Dieting
  • FREE progress tracker
  • Achieve any goal

This option is best suited for those who have tracked their food previously and does not include sample meal plans. If you would like/require meal plans to get started, my 8 Week Nutrition Coaching is more suitable for you.


What’s included:

  • Assessment of your current diet via food diary
  • Your customised calorie and macronutrient breakdown based on your goals
  • A list of meal suggestions with macronutrient breakdowns
  • Your personal guidelines for meal timing, water, fibre and supplement intake
  • Target weight loss/gain recommendations
  • FREE Guide to Flexible Dieting containing information on: calories and macronutrients, flexible dieting, how to track your food, create your own meal plans, how to eat out, micronutrient, fibre, water and alcohol intake, supplement guide + heaps more
  • FREE progress tracker
  • Fortnightly check ins to assess progress and make necessary adjustments

This service can be used to achieve any, or a combination, of the following goals:

  • Lose body fat
  • Gain muscle
  • Improve metabolism
  • Improve overall health
  • Improve dietary structure, compliance and create sustainability
  • Maintain body weight

Once purchased, you will be directed to complete an online consultation form. This will provide me with the information I need to accurately calculate your personal macronutrient requirements based on your current physique, diet history, exercise regime and goals.

I will check in with you once a fortnight to analyse your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your nutrition to ensure you continue to progress towards your goals.

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