Sculpt Your Dream Abs Program


  • Anatomy information
  • Ab sculpting tips and tricks
  • Program for beginners and intermediate/advanced
  • Full exercise descriptions and photos
  • Free TDP training e-book

This gym-based program is perfect for those wanting to build and shape their midsection. Combined with an appropriate nutrition program, this program will ensure that you are training your abs efficiently and effectively to maximise your results!

What your program includes:

  • Educational information about the anatomy of the abs
  • How to properly train the abs
  • Introduction to your program
  • Ab specific training programs for beginners and intermediate/advanced trainers
  • Full exercise descriptions and photos
  • TDP Training E-Book containing information on: training fundamentals, training terms, understanding your training program, how to implement progressive overload, rest & recovery techniques, guide to stretching, guide to performing cardio, glute activation + MORE

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