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Body Science HydroxyBurn Lean5 protein contains a premium protein blend scientifically proven to promote fat loss. The HydroxyBurn Lean5 protein matrix comprises 3 x fast-acting whey protein sources (whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate and hydrolysed whey protein isolate) along with 2 x slow absorbing casein proteins (micellar casein and calcium caseinate) which work synergistically to promote lean muscle and assist fat loss. The fast-acting whey blend ensures a rapid delivery of amino acids into the bloodstream whilst the sustained release caseins digest over several hours for a slower delivery of amino acids to the muscle tissue and will have the added benefit of assisting satiety (keeping you fuller for longer). The formulation also contains L-Carnitine to assist the utilisation of fat as an energy source for working muscles which will also support weight management.

HydroxyBurn Lean5 not only delivers a great protein matrix to support lean muscle gains but has taken it one step further with the inclusion of DigeZyme, a digestive enzyme complex which ensures your body is actually able digest and absorb the proteins. DigeZyme may also assist with digestive issues that may arise from the consumption of milk-based proteins.

HydroxyBurn Lean 5 also contains Orafti® Inulin, a soluble fibre which provides a creamy texture to the protein, assisting the taste and texture. Inulin is a prebiotic which acts as an energy source to “good” bacteria in the gut and colon which is important for digestive health. Further enhanced with 17 vitamins and minerals, Hydroxyburn Lean5 delivers a functional protein to promote fat loss, lean muscle growth, muscle recovery and to improve overall health.

RECOMMENDED DOSE: One 35g serve (2 level scoops) per day mixed with 250-300ml water or preferred milk. Can be consumed before or after training and at any time of the day.

PRECAUTIONS: Not suitable for children under 15 years of age or pregnant women. Breastfeeding women should avoid the Espresso flavour due to the caffeine content.

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