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If your goal is to burn fat, build muscle and focus on improving your overall health, then this stack is highly recommended for you. Containing two of Body Science’s most popular health & wellness products:

– Hydroxyburn Lean5 protein powder
– Greentea TX100

The combination of these products when used in conjunction with an appropriate nutrition and training program will have you feeling amazing and full of energy!


Hydroxyburn Lean5 delivers a premium, functional protein to promote fat loss, lean muscle growth, muscle recovery and to improve overall health.

RECOMMENDED DOSE: One 35g serve (2 level scoops) per day mixed with 250-300ml water or preferred milk. Can be consumed before or after training and at any time of the day.


GreenTea TX100 is a potent, great tasting antioxidant formula. Packed full of energy, GreenTea TX100 can help to boost your metabolism, promote good bacteria, enhance your energy levels and stimulate the fat burning process through its natural thermogenic effect. Providing you with more energy and vitality than energy drinks without the ridiculous amounts of sugar or the nasty preservatives, flavours and colours, Green Tea TX100 is your answer to a great tasting, satisfying energy boost.

RECOMMENDED DOSE: Dissolve 1 sachet in 600ml of water and consume immediately. For best results, take two x 3g sachets daily, in the morning and at lunch time. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

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