Build Your Dream Booty


  • Anatomy information
  • Booty building tips and tricks
  • Full exercise descriptions & photos
  • Glute activation exercises
  • Free TDP training e-book

Hi girls! This training program was used personally by me to prepare myself for my latest fitness competition and has been researched and developed over time using trial and error.

These workouts will target your glutes, hamstrings and quads to ensure you are not only getting a bigger booty but your legs will be proportional, shapely and sexier! The glutes are the largest muscle group in the body and must be hit from all angles to really create a full, round looking booty. It is important to note that there is no magical exercise or shortcuts for building a booty and you cannot expect to get the results you desire without 100% effort and commitment. There is nothing more motivating than seeing results from your hard work and dedication – you will feel stronger, more confident and sexy! This program is suited for any individuals with a basic understanding of training and experience with weightlifting in a general commercial gym.
Combined with an appropriate custom nutrition plan this program will yield optimal results.

What your program includes:

  • Glute anatomy information
  • How to activate your glutes
  • How to properly train the glutes
  • Introduction to your program
  • Your 12 week program
  • How to implement progressive overload
  • Full exercise descriptions and photos
  • TDP Training E-Book containing information on: training fundamentals, training terms, understanding your training program, how to implement progressive overload, rest & recovery techniques, guide to stretching, guide to performing cardio, glute activation + MORE

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